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Regarder le flux en direct Sharq TV. Chaînes de télévision Afghanistan

Ceci est une chaîne de télévision de Afghanistan.

Sharq Television is a Pashto language private television station based in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. 24 Hours Broadcasting in the eastern zone of Afghanistan delivering you the latest news and a wide variety of different programs for a wide variety of viewers.

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 Publié le November 3, 2015, et modifié en dernier 4 weeks ago.

It was launched in mid-2008. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day,

Sharq TV programs are mainly (90%) in the Pashto language. It transmits hourly news, current affairs programs, entertainment programs, politics programs, sports programs, and criminal incidents programs.

Sharq TV is a part of Shaiq Network a Media Company Operating in the eastern zone of Afghanistan. 

It is a multi-disciplinary private organization, it was established on the 20th of August 1996 by Shafiqullah Shaiq, working in the fields of health, engineering, education, film production, and media in the Eastern Region of Afghanistan.

Since its inception, the organization has carried out a number of philanthropic and for-profit projects in the fields of Health, Engineering, Education, and Media in eastern Afghanistan. The organization is headquartered in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.

In 2003, Internews helped establish Sharq Radio. In 2005, the organization began a cable TV network in Section 2 of Jalalabad and produced Black Poison, a movie about terrorism and drug addiction that was distributed free of cost to 20,000 families in the region.

Also in 2005, the PRT assisted Shaiq Network to organize a cricket tournament for 22 Nangarhar districts and in 2006, a 10km marathon race from Surkhod to Jalalabad.

In 2007, Shaq Network consolidated its broadcasts under one roof – Nargis, a station devoted to women’s issues, Sharq TV, and a religious station that propagates moderate interpretations of Islam. Also a journalism training for youngsters AYLMT (Afghan Youth Leaders Media Training).

At a glance, the organization has successfully implemented the overleaf projects for the sake of community development, empowerment, and welfare.

Mission & Values

"To become Afghanistan's leading Media Company and philanthropic organization of an emerging market. As a corporation, we must be driven by innovation and creativity and would focus on growth while delivering exceptional value to our customers, our viewers, and all our stakeholders."

Customer Focus

Our company's strategies are driven by the needs of the customer. Our success can be measured by the satisfaction achieved by our customers.


We accord a high premium for maintaining superlative standards throughout our Company. We encourage our employees to come up with smarter ideas within the fastest possible time.


The key to our value system is innovation and originality. We recognize and have a high regard for individual expression and creative freedom in our quest to provide customer satisfaction.

Growth Driven

We are committed to delivering consistent revenue and cash flow growth in order to provide our shareholders a good return. Our objective is to grow our people, community, market, and businesses across the country.

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